The Retiarius fought with weapons styled on the tools of a fisherman.


  • Rete: A weighted net used to trap opponents.
  • Fascina: A three-pointed trident, as tall as a human being.
  • Pugio: A dagger.
  • Manica and galerus: Two guards to protect the arm and shoulder.

Fighting Technique

Retiarii wielded a net (name a rete), which could be used to trap opponents or to ensnare weapons, while the trident (called a fascina) they wielded would keep opponents at a distance. The retiarius would fight with little armour, usually only a subligaria and no helmet or foot gear. He would also depend on evasive tactics to stay out of range of the weapon of his opponent. The net was also intended to make up for his lack of armour, while the dagger (the pugio) was used to finish off a defeated opponent, or as a last resort should he loose the trident in a fight.

Retiarii were viewed as some of the lowliest of the gladiators, as the lack of armour and the engulfing net were thought to give them a more effeminate appearance, as well as his evasive tactics, meaning he would avoid close hand-to-hand combat.