The Murmillo was a gladiator fighting style that represents the Roman legion. It is the oldest fighting style and the first to use the gladius sword as its primary weapon. The Murmillo was the most popular of all gladiator styles because it was classed as "the home town hero".


  • Gladius: Roman sword with a handle made of bone.
  • Scutum: Rectangular shield made of vertically connected wooden boards with a small bronze cupola which protects shield's handle.
  • Balteus: Leather belt with metal decorations and supplements. Similar to modern day boxing belts.
  • Manica: Segmented or scaled arm guard made of leather or some metal alloys. Manica could also be chainmailed.
  • Cassis Crista: A large helmet with plume crest or horsehair,usually made of bronze, with an ornate 'grill' face visor.
  • Ocrea: Shin protectors made of gold, silver or other metals.
  • Fasciae: Thick soft padding on legs which are used to wear ocreas without having calluses and blisters.

Fighting Technique

The Murmillo fighting style was suited for men with large muscular builds and strong heavy shoulders needed to help him carry the weight of his shield and sword. Men who played the Murmillo were shorter than most other Gladiators but very muscular.

The Murmillo depended on his strength and endurance to survive the battle against foes who were more suited to attacking. The tower shield gives him an edge in defense and his gladius also gives him the ability to thrust and swing at his enemies when in close range. The Murmillo was also trained to kick their enemies back using the thick padding worn around their legs.