The ludus belonging to Lentulus Batiatus was the enclosure for all of his gladiators, where they are trained and housed. A few of the gladiators known from his ludus were Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus.

It was passed on to him from his father and grandfather, both of whom were in the same profession. The ludus was located just outside the villa, where he, his house slaves and his family resided.


The gladiators lived  in the lower areas of the ludus. The entrance gate was there, which lead directly onto a training ground. Beyond the training ground is the eating area for the gladiators, and on this floor are their cells and rooms (only the gladiators of higher worth were allowed rooms of their own). The trainee gladiators and others sleep with a few others in cells similar to those in a prison. There is also a bathing area on this level. A barred gate separates the gladiators from the living quarters above the ludus, which house Batiatus, his family and his house slaves. The gate is locked every night when the gladiators are shut away for sleep.

This upper area was far more lavish than the ludus below, befitting for a Roman citizen of moderate standing. There was also a general social area with an ornamental pool in the center and leading off from this are various other rooms, including Batiatus' sleeping quarters and a large pool that serves as a bath.


Lentulus Batiatus employed around 30 guards to maintain his ludus. Around 200 gladiators resided inside the ludus and around 30 house slaves lived in the Villa along with Batiatus and his family.


House Slaves


  1. Spartacus
  2. Crixus
  3. Gannicus
  4. Oenomaus
  5. Castus
  6. Abiron
  7. Bersobis
  8. Borucus
  9. Cleistos
  10. Dagan
  11. Ethios
  12. Donar
  13. Ugludus
  14. Fallordus
  15. Bornus
  16. Drabur
  17. Taormius
  18. Donenos
  19. Paccius
  20. Drapaes
  21. Furudix
  22. Verros
  23. Moclotus
  24. Kraynos
  25. Hanno
  26. Drasbus
  27. Oryntus
  28. Peirastes
  29. Grannus
  30. Pileades
  31. Biantos
  32. Hrostus
  33. Sebillus
  34. Koinos
  35. Cycurus
  36. Nyctimus
  37. Olimpios
  38. Synetus
  39. Zephyros
  40. Liscus
  41. Lydon
  42. Troynus
  43. Lysandros
  44. Paliox
  45. Mannot
  46. Mannus
  47. Myrmex
  48. Omarco
  49. Plenus
  50. Priscos
  51. Pyrrhus
  52. Rabanus
  53. Rhaskos
  54. Thosbus
  55. Sedullus
  56. Segovax
  57. Sophus
  58. Tychos
  59. Yannock

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